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Three versions of 1997 Stallion Update

       As in years past, the annual stallion update will be available in late February. The update does three things:

  1. Replaces the 1996 stallion database with farm information for 1997 stallions
  2. Updates the pedigrees database with the ancestries of new stallions, and
  3. Updates chef-de-race and Werk Quality chef classifications.
       In 1997 three different versions of the stallion update will be available:
  • North American Stallions: Until last year, this was the only stallion update available. It provides farm information for around 3,000 currently active North American stallions.
  • Australasian Stallions: Last year for the first time we compiled a database consisting of around 800 Australasian stallions combined with around 700 of the most important stallions worldwide, with an emphasis on North America, England, Ireland, and Europe. This update is scheduled to correspond with the start of the Southern Hemisphere breeding season in September.
  • International Stallions: This year, for the first time, we will be offering a more broadly international stallion database, including over 1,000 of the most important stallions in the world. Rather than applying a certain standard of quality, we are selecting the more important stallions relative to the standard of breeding in each of the major racing countries worldwide.
       The price of these updates is $95 shipped domestically by Priority mail. Shipping costs will be incurred for express domestic delivery and foreign delivery. Please see our on-line order form or price list for more details on this or other CompuSire products.

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