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        Anyone who has lost data as a result of a power failure, which happens frequently in some rural areas where thoroughbred farms are located, knows that catch-up comes a lot easier if you back-up. If you have a catastrophic hard disk crash or if you have a power failure that occurs when files are open, you're faced with two sets of problems.
        First, you have to dig out your software diskettes and hope they're still in good enough condition to reinstall, and then you have to spend time reinstalling.
        Secondly, especially if you're using a software like CompuSire that enables you to build on the database, not only will the software have to be reinstalled, but the names you had entered in your database will have to be entered all over again. Fortunately, CompuSire provides an easy way for you to protect the data you enter into its database, whether you back up your entire system or not.

        When you install CompuSire for the first time, your ancestries database contains around 33,000 names--82,000 if you're using FirstCross 2.0. As you add new ancestries to the database, it's size increases, but, if you have a disk crash that destroys your database and you reinstall, then you're back to the original number of names.
        However, when you enter new ancestries, the new names that you enter are also stored in a relatively small file that can easily be copied to a diskette for safe-keeping anytime you enter new names. If you have this file on a diskette, then all of the names you had entered into the database can be restored very easily after you reinstall the software.
        Previously, in order to back up this "saver" file, you had to copy it using Windows File Manager or Windows 95 Explorer. CompuSire's 1998 update will include a program upgrade that enables you to copy this file to a diskette by selecting "Backup" under the Utilities menu. If you copy this file to a diskette each time you add names and keep your diskette in a safe place, then you will always be able to restore your work.

        But there's a relatively inexpensive way to protect your entire CompuSire installation--the zip drive. The zip drive is quickly replacing the tape drive as a backup medium. For around $200--or even less-- you can buy a zip drive that functions very much like a hard drive in that you can simply copy files or directories to it just as you would to a second hard drive. The entire ASRWIN directory, which is used by CompSire, will easily fit on a zip drive, along with a lot of other valuable programs and data besides.
        The general advantage of a zip drive is that it is a lot faster than a tape back-up and a lot less cumbersome. The specific advantage of backing up the CompuSire software is that you don't have to worry about reinstalling and restoring lost data. You can just zip it up and then copy it back after a crash.

        In any case, you can always call us for help if something goes wrong. Call us at our new Lexington, Ky. location: (606) 263-9093.

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