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THE FOLLOWING modules add a great deal of functionality to CompuSire software. (Requires CompuSire software to run.)

FirstCross 2.0
Annual Stallion Update
Auctions Module
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CompuSire FirstCross 2.0 is designed to evaluate any sire-line cross, including the immediate cross of any sire and broodmare sire. The module is equipped with a database containing the pedigrees of all unrestricted stakes winners worldwide born in 1982 or later.

  • Specify a sire and broodmare sire cross, and CompuSire FirstCross will evaluate the performance of any pair of ancestors back to the fourth generation, calculating a Sireline Affinity Index (SAI) for each cross.
  • Then list the stakes winners representing that cross and browse their five generation pedigrees or print them all at once.
  • List the stakes winners by a certain sire or from a certain sire line.
  • List the stakes winners out of mares by a certain sire or from a certain sire line.
  • Browse or print their 5-generation pedigrees, looking for the best crosses or other pedigree patterns of interest.
  • CompuSire FirstCross 2.0 is an efficient and comprehensive pedigree research tool that provides you with the means to evaluate sire-line crosses without any restrictions. Available by annual subscription which covers an economical range of updating options.


The annual update, which (1) replaces the previous stallion database with farm information for the current year, (2) updates the pedigrees database with the ancestries of new stallions, and (3) updates chef-de-race and Werk Quality chef classifications, is now available in three different versions:
  • North American Stallions: Until recently, this was the only stallion update available. It provides farm information for around 3,000 currently active North American stallions.
  • Australasian Stallions: This database consists of around 800 Australasian stallions combined with about 700 of the most important stallions worldwide, with an emphasis on North America, England, Ireland, and Europe. This update is scheduled to correspond with the start of the Southern Hemisphere breeding season in September.
  • International Stallions: For the first time, we will be offering a more broadly international stallion database, including over 1,000 of the most important stallions in the world. Rather than applying a certain standard of quality, we are selecting the more important stallions relative to the standard of breeding in each of the major racing countries worldwide.
Available in February of each year.
Includes major auction sales of yearlings, weanlings, in-foal mares, and broodmare prospects for the last five years; optional annual updates available.



Double-click on a name in the pedigree on-screen and get Richard's Ulbrich's historical commentary for that ancestor as published in his Peerage of Racehorses, including Bruce Lowe family number. Entries included for more than 12,000 of the most important names in pedigrees.

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