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CompuSire is designed in a way that is especially suited to the diversity of interest and varying degrees of participation found in the Thoroughbred industry, and this is the key to CompuSire's success. Rather than packing as many features and databases as possible into one monolithic program with a price tag that few people are willing to pay, CompuSire has a modular design that enables owners and breeders to select and pay for only the features they need, depending on the extent or manner of their participation in the industry. The result is a substantially lower cost for the basic pedigree features.

More information on the Keys to CompuSire's Success in the latest issue of CompuSire Update

The COMPUSIRE MAIN MODULE, which delivers those features with a speed and efficiency that is unrivaled, comes with on-screen help, a glossary of common breeding terms that is especially useful to new or prospective owners, an expandable database of ancestries, farm information and pedigrees for approximately 3,000 currently active stallions, five- and six-generation pedigree displays and printouts with highlighted inbreeding, chef-de-race designations, dosage figures, the Dosage Quality Rating as conceived by pedigree authority Jack Werk, and sibling identification codes designed by Thoroughbred information specialist Roger Lyons. These features are all standard equipment with the CompuSire main module.

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Many people find the main module just the ticket for their research needs, but to others the various options are attractive, especially at their low prices.

  • The first option to consider is CompuSire's annual stallion update, which provides current farm information for approximately 3000 stallions annually. Some people purchase the update every year.

  • Moreover, CompuSire offers a database containing major auction results and programming to facilitate sophisticated commerical analysis. TheAuctions module is maintained on an annual basis.

  • The all-new FirstCross 2.0 Module provides a database and method of analyzing the stakes winner production for any sire-line cross and annual updates are available for this module too.

  • The Peerage of Racehorses module is a computerized adaptation of Richard Ulbrich's book of the same name, offering his comments on-screen when you select the name of an ancestor.

In addition to the quality of its products, CompuSire provides ongoing support for all versions of its products.

So, you see, there is good reason why CompuSire is the world's most widely-used Thoroughbred pedigree software.

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