98 Update
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Keys to CompuSire's success
A look at why, after 5 years of updates, CompuSire continues to be the pedigree software leader

FirstCross 2.0 enhancement
Now recording successful inbreeding to females

Built-in backup
CompuSire '98 program update to include data protection facility

Trends in stallion selection
Interest in genotype increases as range of quality narrows

Managing the new millenium
Angst takes a back seat to system date frenzy

Demystifying dosage
Dosage figures measure aptitude, not competence

plus features
from former updates:

Introducing FirstCross 2.0
A Powerful New Pedigree Research Tool

Three versions of
1997 Stallion Update

Now CompuSire offers North American, Australasian, and International Editions of our annual Stallion Update.

Dosage for Dummies
There's more to it than speed and stamina

Investigating Position 12
CompuSire FamilyTables can help

CompuSire Auctions Database
A Look at the CompuSire Auctions module

Assessing unproven stallions
Getting answers from CompuSire FamilyTables for Windows

Software for Stallions
Attention Stallion Managers! This new product is a powerful tool for stallion promotion and mare selection.

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