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Latest Release: Software for Stallions

        Werk Thoroughbred Consultants, Inc. has released a software product that is attracting the attention of stallion managers. Software for Stallions is essentially an electronic version of WTC's well-known Stallion Compatibility Analysis, which has been widely used by stud farms for stallion promotion and mare selection. It enables stallion managers to distribute WTC's Werk Nick Rating to prospective clients of the stallions they manage.
        The new software version has two main advantages.
        First, the program can quickly display the Werk nick ratings of all of the farm's stallions with a prospective mare. The ability to do this quickly and efficiently is crucial when a stallion manager is on the phone with a prospective client. To the stallion manager it can mean adding another mare to a stallion's book. To the breeder, it's an unexpected service that provides additional means to identify the stallion who is most appropriate for the mare.
        Second, Software for Stallions can print a five- or six-generation prospective mating of the mare with any or all of the farm's stallions to fax to a prospective client. Not only is this a powerful selling tool as a follow-up to initial contact, but it also provides the breeder with useful information that can assist in the selection of a stallion.
        The user interface and inner workings of Software for Stallions are similar to those of the CompuSire program since the new application was adapted for WTC by Roger Lyons from the same materials that constitute the CompuSire program. Since many stud farms have used the CompuSire program for some time, the switch to Software for Stallions is virtually seamless, and Software for Stallions is accompanied by the same high-quality support services and consultation to which CompuSire users have become accustomed.
        Software for Stallions is available by annual subscription that provides for regular and convenient updating. Further information can be obtained by calling (510) 490-1111, which is WTC's Fremont, California office (ask for Jack Werk), or (606) 263-9093, which is CompuSire's Lexington, Kentucky office (ask for Roger Lyons).

Software for Stallions

A valuable tool for stallion managers
        Werk Thoroughbred Consultants' "Software for Stallions" is designed to run as a module of the CompuSire pedigree program, fully compatible with all existing CompuSire features. The module comes equipped with a database for the subject stallion, containing the Werk Nick Ratings with more than 13,000 broodmare sire lines. Price includes three annual database updates.

Look up a nick
        Quick reference to the Werk Nick Rating of any broodmare sire line with any enrolled stallion is enabled by opening a browse window in which broodmare sires are listed alphabetically, along with the Werk Nick Rating of each within the selected stallion.

Print a 5-cross pedigree with Werk Nick Rating
        The module also enables a custom pedigree printout, specially designed for Werk Thoroughbred Consultants. The new format is similar to the Pedigree Profile used by WTC, including the option of printing the Werk Nick Rating for any prospective mating with an enrolled stallion. Just enter the pedigree of the mare, select the stallion, and print a five-generation pedigree with Werk Nick Rating prominently displayed.

Compare the nicks
        Suppose you have more than one stallion and want to know which one nicks best with a given mare. Just enter the pedigree of the mare and select the batch printing feature. The program will automatically print five-generation prospective matings of the mare with all of the enrolled stallions, including the Werk Nick Rating for each. This helps you to compare prospective matings of a mare with different stallions and report your recommendations to clients. You can also display the nicks on-screen.

Putting the power of the Werk Nick Rating to work for you!

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