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Assessing unproven stallions


       An especially useful option offered by CompuSire is the FamilyTables module. It is designed to allow database searches that will identify every descendant having a particular ancestor within a specified number of generations. That makes the module useful enough, but, because it also allows you to specify searches in direct male or female descent, the module is adaptable to some very specialized purposes, including stallion evaluation.
       You can use CompuSire FamilyTables as an aid in assessing the prospects of young stallions from a variety of perspectives, including his sire line, his female line, and - that neglected issue - his broodmare sire.

His sire line

       Is he by a sire of sires? Select a "Male" line search from the popup under the FamilyTables option and enter the name of his sire. When asked to select the number of generations to search, you can select one to find out what sons he has at stud or two to find out what sons and grandsons he has at stud. If you are assessing a grandson of a major sire, you can enter the grandsire and ask for two generations. In any case, the program will generate a family table for direct male descent.

His female line

       Is he out of a mre from a sire-producing family? To find out, select the "Female" search option and enter the name of his third, fourth, fifth, or even sixth dam and select the maximum number of generations (10). This search will show you every Thoroughbred in your system in direct female descent from the ancestor you entered. By browsing her family table you can determine whether or not the stallion is from a sire-producing family.

His broodmare sire

       One thing you'll want to consider along with his race record, his sire, and his female line is his broodmare sire. Most people are amazed when they start to take notice of the broodmare sires of stallions. You will be surprised at the sires who, although they may be major broodmare sires of runners, have maternal grandsons who consistently do worse at stud than would have been expected based on other factors. We're not mentioning any names, though.
       You can find out for yourself using the FamilyTables module to survey the stallions who have a certain broodmare sire - and you don't have to wait minutes to find out the answer. The search just takes seconds. Here's how to do it.
       Select the "Female" search option and enter the name of the sire you want to search - say, Prince John, who was an excellent broodmare sire of sires. After you enter "Prince John," then you will be asked to specify the number of generations to search. Make sure you select two - and only two - generations. You'll find when the search is over that every male ancestor listed in the second generation has Prince John as his or her broodmare sire. You can then browse the list, or print it out, and see what successful stallions have Prince John as their broodmare sire. You'll be impressed with Prince John.
       You'll also be impressed with Nashua, Buckpasser, and Secretariat, but you might be surprised when you find that certain very notable broodmare sires of runners have turned out to be very poor broodmare sires of stallions. You'll definitely make some interesting discoveries - ones that will change the way you assess new stallions retiring to stud.

This function is available with the FamilyTables Windows version only.

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